Luke Schaefer




Computer Science Tutoring
I tutored Computer Science students at Shoreline Community College for two years between 2020 and 2022 before I started my current role in Solutions Engineering at Health Note. I helped students of all sorts get their feet wet in Python and Java, learning along the way how best to explain and teach everything from syntax to Data Structures & Algorithms.

Shoreline Community College Tutoring Center

Yuzu. An open source Switch emulator built in C++ that supports Vulkan. Currently contributing to UI functionality in Linux.

GitHub | Yuzu

Karaoke song browser for the Monkey Pub-unfinished, but operational. Built with Vue and Node, with the backend hosted on Heroku. React-based rebuild underway.

App | FrontEnd Code | BackEnd Code

Quick n Easy Recipes - The Dubs Brigade's entry into UWB Hacks 2021.
React/Express app that utilizes the flexibility inherent in component-based frameworks to provide a focused, clean UX for a service that's proven to be in demand during this pandemic.

App | FrontEnd Code | BackEnd Code

Holland America Line. Web scraping utilities and an API to save dozens of man-hours over a three month project.

Scraper | Django API | Task Scheduler | Current Holland America Site